Several LET doctors participated in the University of Oulu's 10th Conferment Ceremony

During the last weekend the University of Oulu celebrated its 10th Conferment Ceremony. LET team members were actively involved in this academic tradition where 23 honorary doctors and 283 young doctors were given the academic symbols of a PhD degree: the sword and the hat. The three day celebration is organized once in a four year time and it includes several rituals and festivities, such as Sword-Whetting, Procession through the city center and Conferment Banquet and Ball

Professor Sanna Järvelä acted as the promotor of the Faculty of Education, Visiting Professor Paul A. Kirschner was appointed as honorary doctor and 6 LET graduates, Hanna Järvenoja, Heikki Kontturi, Jonna Malmberg, Arttu Mykkänen, Piia Näykki and Juho Oikarinen, were promoted as young doctors.


Viimeksi päivitetty: 23.5.2017