LET Master's Degree Programme

Programme Description

Learning, Education and Technology (LET) is a full-time two-year international Master’s Programme (120 ECTS credits). Upon completing it, students are awarded a Master of Arts (Education) degree leading to doctoral studies. LET programme prepares experts who can apply information and communication technology in various learning contexts. LET studies rely on three theoretical pillars: Self-regulated learning, collaborative learning, and technology-enhanced learning. Both theoretical content and practical solutions offered during the studies are based on latest knowledge and findings in the field of learning sciences. LET programme aims to develop knowledge and competencies needed in modern education, namely skills for designing, conducting, assessing and analyzing versatile learning situations whether face-to-face or technologically enhanced. Moreover, many of the 21st century skills that are required in today’s working life are highlighted and supported in LET studies.

Career Opportunities

LET graduates are equipped with a combination of strong theoretical knowledge of learning and collaboration, and diverse use of technology and social media that promote learning. Graduates of this programme are competent to work in duties where knowledge of learning processes and use of technology are needed. They work for example as educators, researchers, educational consultants, human resources developers, project leaders, coordinators, experts in virtual learning, designers of technology-enhanced learning, and administrators in both private and public sectors. Students’ educational background, working experience, and own interest affect their career paths once they become LET graduates.

Please note that this degree does not constitute a formal teaching qualification.

Why choose LET?

We continuosly gather anonymous feedback from our students to develop our programme. These area result from spring the other year, when our overall score in general feedback about the LET Programme was 4,56. (5 being the full score).

Here is some feedback provided by our students:

Various methods of work and assessment - studies are never monotonous, there is always something interesting and new
Individual approach and support from the teachers - it motivates a lot and makes us feel welcome
It has been a pleasure to study in such a well-organized, logical, learning orientated program
High levels of independence and choice within courses - develops own thinking and opinions, initiative, responsibility and self-organization
What I find most important is the connection between theoretical ideas and their practical implementation

Next application period 15th December 2016 - 25th January 2017

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Kindly see also the pages of our very own Alumni Ambassadors, MartaAleksandra, Sergei, Edem, Tharwat and Huong.

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Programme Directors
Sanna Järvelä and Essi Vuopala

Educational Coordinator of LET Master's Programme
Niina Impiö


Last updated: 21.10.2016