1.2.2018 Tapahtuma

English Philology Research Seminar Thur 1 Feb 2018

Matti Nikkilä will present his research on

12.9.2016 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar 12/09/2016 at 15:00 /Riikka Tumelius

Research Seminar 12th September, 2016 15:00-17:00 (HU207)

26.8.2016 Tapahtuma

Orientation session for students of English Philology (minor subject, "sivuaine")

An orientation session for incoming minor students of English Philology will take place on August 26th, 14–15, in LeaForum. Minor students are encouraged to attend.

25.8.2016 Tapahtuma

Orientation session for students of English Philology (major subject, "pääaine")

On August 25th, 12–14, in LeaForum, the staff of English Philology will officially welcome new incoming students. At the meeting, the staff will say a few words and introduce themselves.

20.4.2015 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar

Eleonoora Kalliokoski will talk about Cultural ideals and heroic figures in Marvel superhero movies in the English Philology Research Seminar meeting on Monday at 15:00-17

23.3.2015 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar

15:00-17:00 Room HU209Leena Vuolteenaho: Immortality narratives in Christian and Buddhist ethics and in the TV series 'Doctor Who'

23.2.2015 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar

Research seminar Monday, 23th February, 15:00-17:00 Marjukka Käsmä: Writing a reviewElise Kärkkäinen: Finalizing the doctoral thesis

15.12.2014 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar

Monday, 15th December, 15:00-17:00 (HU208)

19.5.2014 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar

Monday, 19th May, 17:00-19 (HU208)Robin Sokol: Face-to-face collaborative project-based interaction using a computer

14.5.2014 Tapahtuma

EveLINE Quick Style

The multidisciplinary research group EveLINE organises a "quick style" seminar on "everyday life in a technology-rich world" on Wednesday, 14th May 12-15 in LeaForum. 

28.4.2014 Tapahtuma

Research Seminar

Monday, 28th April 17:00-19 (HU208)Jenni Virtaluoto: Developing technical communication through activity theory: research in progress