Exchange studies

Faculty International Coordinator Miia Juusola (miia.juusola(at) is the contact person both for the incoming and outgoing exchange students regarding the application procedure (e.g. SoleMOVE, the learning agreement).

University Lecturer Steven Coats is the contact person for the incoming exchange students regarding their studies in English Philology.

Incoming exchange students

Contact your own department or International Relations of your university and find out whether your department or university has an exchange agreement with the University of Oulu. The list of our Erasmus partner universities is here.

Faculty of Humanities accepts incoming exchange applications only through the online application database SoleMOVE. First, an official nomination from the student’s home university is required. Once that has been received, application instructions and login information to SoleMOVE will be sent to the student through e-mail.

Before sending in the application make sure that you check carefully which programmes and studies taught in English you can take. Pay special attention to your suggestion for the learning agreement.

For further information, see the Faculty of Humanities website for incoming exchange students.

Degree students

Please note that the SoleMOVE application system is only for exchange students, i.e. for short term study periods. If you wish to apply to become a degree student in Oulu, see the website for International Master's Programmes.

Outgoing exchange students

To obtain the most recent information about international relations, please refer to the International Relations website. The International Office is responsible for arranging all other exchanges except those within the Erasmus programme.

ERASMUS programme

Application deadlines will be posted on the eng-students -email list.

Find out more about our Erasmus partner universities.

Other programmes

Please contact International Relations.

After the exchange period, this is how you can transfer credits to Oulu

Fill in the RPL 1A (AHOT 1A) form and attach a copy of your credit transcription with it. Submit the application to Student Affairs at Faculty of Humanities. Oili Sievola is an RPL/AHOT specialist, so you can ask her for help with the form.

If the studies cover courses in different faculties, each of the faculties will need its own form.

RPL/AHOT 1A in Finnish and in English

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