Negative Decisions on the Extension of Study Right and Requests for Rectification

Negative Decisions on the Extension of Study Right and Requests for Rectification.

Instructions how to make a request for rectification

Decision on the Extension of Study Right

The decision on the extension is made by the Education Dean.

Negative Decisions and Requests for Rectification

Anyone who is dissatisfied with the decision can appeal in writing to the Administrative Court of Northern Finland. The Appeal shall be delivered to the Administrative Court of Northern Finland within the appeal time limit.

Time limit

The appeal shall be delivered within 30 days from the date of service of the decision. Recipient is expected to have received the information within seven days of sending the letter, unless shown otherwise. The date of service is not taken into account when determining the time limit of the appeal. If the last date of the appeal is a public holiday, Saturday, Independence Day, May Day, Christmas Eve or Midsummer Eve, the appeal time continues the following business day.
Appeal document

The appeal document must indicate:

  • The appellant’s name and municipality of domicile,
  • The decision that are appealed against, which amendments are demanded, the grounds on which the amendment is required,
  • The address and phone number where communications in the matter can be directed.

If the appellant has empowered an attorney or a public legal aid to file the appeal, the appeal must also state their name and municipality of domicile. The appellant or a legal aid must sign the appeal.

Appendices of the appeal

The following shall be appended to the appeal document:

  • The decision challenged, in the original or as a copy,
  • A certificate on the date of notice of the decision, for example a copy of the acknowledgement of receipt, or other evidence on the date when the appeal period began to run,
  • The power of attorney,
  • The documents on which the appellant relies in support of his demand, unless these have already earlier been delivered to the authority.

Delivery of the appeal

The appellant or a representative may deliver the appeal document to the registry of the administrative court. The registry of the Administrative Court of Northern Finland is open from 8 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. Appeal documents can also be sent to the court at one’s own risk by mail, e-mail, telefax or delivered by a courier. For an appeal to be admitted, it must have reached the administrative court on the last day of the appeal period, before 4.15 p.m. The documents sent by e-mail or telefax must reach the authority’s information system before the time limit of the appeal.

Appellant is required to pay a court fee for the decision by the Administrative Court of Northern Finland. The charges collected by the courts, the process servers and the local prosecutors are governed by the Act on the Charges for the Performances of the Courts and Certain Organs of Judicial Administration (701/1993) and in the corresponding Decrees.

Administrative Court of Northern Finland

Visiting address: Torikatu 34-40, 90100 OULU
Postal address: P.O. Box 189, 90101 Oulu

Phone: +358 29 56 42800

Fax: +358 10 364 2841