Cooperation networks

The University of Oulu is an active partner in numerous local, national, and international networks in research, education, and innovations. Diverse international cooperation and extensive networks contribute to the university's high-quality research and education, and create opportunities for building of responsible and sustainable future.

Collaborating with our neighbours

The University of Oulu has a long tradition of regional cooperation in education, research, business and the public sector. In the local area there are natural and important partners for the University of Oulu.

Arctic area collaboration

The conditions of the Arctic region affect the shared future of the whole globe. University of Oulu is committed to international cooperation in various Arctic research and education networks involved in building the sustainable future of Northern communities and the world.

European and global reach

University of Oulu is engaged in a number of European research networks acting on different fields. In these networks, for example, a digital future and sustainable use of natural resources and energy is promoted.

The University of Oulu is a strong player in international education. Our international degree programmes offer a wide range of study opportunities, and hundreds of student exchange possibilities supplement the offering. We also organise education in cooperation with other universities and organizations. For example, through the UNIC European University, a wide range of courses from different universities is offered for students.

Ministry of Education Global Programme networks

University of Oulu continues to grow and deepen relationships with its global partners through Ministry of Education Global Programme. The goal of the Programme is to develop new actions that strengthen Finland’s higher education and global partnerships. At the moment seven international networks have been set up and within them there will be numerous collaboration projects.

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