Study Right

Student needs a valid study right in order to study at the university. Along study right you will receive university user id and access to information systems, and Library databases.

Study Right

Applying for an extension of study right

Applying for an extension of study right in the University of Oulu - students studying for a Bachelor or Master’s degree.

Temporary Suspension of Studies

If students wish to temporarily suspend their studies, they register with the University as an absent student.

Permanent Renouncement of Study Right

Students are entitled to renounce their study rights. Renouncement of study right is binding and after renouncement the student may no longer continue their studies in that degree programme or main subject.

Complementary Study Right

A student, who has completed a Master’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree with no right to a Master’s degree at the University of Oulu, has the right to apply for a complementary study right.

Non-degree study right

Instructions for applying for the non-degree study right at the University of Oulu.

Reactivation of study right and Passive Register

A student can lose their study right for different reasons. According to legislation (University act) a student can lose his/her study right if he/she doesn’t register annually according to the University’s rules.


Instructions for re-registration.

Flexible Study Right - JOO

University of Oulu no longer accepts flexible study right (JOO right) applications.

Cross-institutional study

As a student at the University of Oulu, you can supplement your studies by selecting courses from other universities.

Discontinued Degree Programmes

At the University of Oulu, there have been many overlapping degree programmes that have no teaching or student selection in them. Discontinuing and joining overlapping degree programmes clarifies study options and reduces the number of degree programmes.

Unsuitability to study (SORA legislation)

In order to promote the safety of minors, patients and customers, restrictions have been implemented to student admittance from the beginning of 2012.

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