Get enchanted by science

How does the world work? What is the importance of science in our everyday life? Science and technology enable us to better understand the world and ourselves, to develop as human beings and to prepare the world for the future.

Science is for everyone, regardless of age or background. Check out our science events, collaboration opportunities and places to visit and come along to ask, get enchanted, learn and participate!
Lapsia tiedetapahtuman hyönteistutkimuspisteellä; kuvassa pöydällä lasten edessä mm. lasikattoinen mehiläispesä ja mikroskoopin yläosaa.

Science for all

Attend science events open to all and follow discussions and public lectures related to science and research. For example, Researchers’ Night, science event for the whole family, brings together thousands of visitors every autumn.

Visit and learn

The Botanical Garden of the University of Oulu is open to the public and the garden can also be booked for visits of schoolchildren and private groups. Teaching materials and guidance are provided to support group visits. The Science Garden, built in the lobby of the Botanical Garden, presents the University of Oulu's research from various fields. The Fab Lab offers various digital fabrication collaborative opportunities for schools.

Participate in science

Citizen science projects allow ordinary citizens to participate in scientific research work. Research is conducted in collaboration with researchers. Citizen science provides opportunities for learning, interaction and conducting research compatible with the needs and desires of citizens.

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