Research infrastructures

Research infrastructures are reserves of research facilities, equipment, materials and services, which allow research and development. The infrastructures support organized research, as well as maintain and develop research capacity.
Oulun yliopiston LeaF-infrastruktuuri mahdollistaa mm. virtuaalisten kokemusten tutkimisen.

Research equipments and laboratories for diverse use

University of Oulu has a number of high-quality, interdisciplinary infrastructures supporting research and business. Our diverse research and laboratory services are constantly being developed to serve the widest possible number of users.

Transparency and use of infrastructures is developed on a long-term basis

The University of Oulu develops particularly research infrastructures that support its strategic research areas, taking into account sustainability, innovation activities and responsible science. Operations of the university-level infrastructures (Biocenter Oulu, Biodiversity Unit, Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre, LeaF Research Infrastructure, Centre for Material Analysis, Oulanka Research Station) are coordinated by the University of Oulu Infrastructure Unit, which is led by the Vice Rector for Research. In addition, research infrastructures are developed in the faculties and units.

University of Oulu´s guidelines for open research infrastructures support the implementation of the principles of open and responsible science in research infrastructures.

Research infrastructures are strengthened in networks

University of Oulu is continuously developing its´ research infrastructures and related national and international cooperation. The University of Oulu is involved in several infrastructure networks selected for national and international research infrastructures roadmaps. The University of Oulu is also involved in the development of regionally important collaborative infrastructures.

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