Research – High-level, impactful science

The University of Oulu is a northern, international science university. We are producing new scientific knowledge and solutions to build a more sustainable, intelligent and humane world.

Our research responds to global challenges

At the University of Oulu, we seek impactful and sustainable solutions to global challenges through multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. The basis for applied multidisciplinary research is created by long-term basic research.

International top research

Our cutting-edge research is based on strong multidisciplinary competence. Our interdisciplinary research profile fields are based on research areas that are internationally rated as excellent.

Interdisciplinary research community

The research units of our eight faculties form a scientific community with unique interdisciplinary strengths. Many of our research units represent the international top in their respective fields. The research is supported by high-quality research infrastructure.

Find our researchers

Researchers at the University of Oulu study a wide and multidisciplinary range of topics relevant to the future of both humans and the whole globe. Get to know our researchers and their research projects.

Research with impact

We promote the impact of science in society through our determined Programme of Responsible Research. We bring our research findings and knowledge available to different actors in society. We actively promote the development and deployment of research-driven innovations and applications.


Research-based spin-off companies since 2000


Invention disclosures in 2023

Research career at the University of Oulu

Interested in the multidisciplinary collaboration and scientific excellence offered by one of the northernmost universities in the world? Our international working environment offers diverse and interesting opportunities.

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