Procedures in cases of accident or danger

Operating instructions in case of a serious threat or danger to a person.

Take action

All threats and dangerous situations must be taken seriously. If you notice a threatening situation or an accident that has already taken place, it is your duty to take action.

  • Save yourself, if you yourself are in danger. Rescue those in immediate danger and warn others if you can.
  • Call 112 in case of a sudden and serious emergency. Obey the instructions given by the emergency response centre and only end the call after you have been given permission to do so.
  • Notify the security staff:
    • Services Officers or guard
      • Linnanmaa 050 596 9846
        • Campus guard (24/7) 050 505 4714
      • Kontinkangas 050 567 1883
        • Security guard (8-16) 050 505 7289
  • State what has happened, give your contact information and be available.
  • When calling, provide the following information:
  1. WHO you area and WHERE you are calling from
  2. WHAT has happened
  3. WHERE this has happened
  4. WHAT KIND OF help is needed (are people in danger)
  5. HOW ONE GETS to the place where it has happened.

After receiving the notification, the Safety Management Committee will take responsibility of the situation and organize any further activities.