Top research

At the University of Oulu high-quality and impactful research is carried out. We are promoting new research openings by combining our expertise in different disciplines. We are proud of our talented researchers, support their rise to the top of their fields, and provide an excellent working environment.

We are at the international top in our profile fields

Our research draws on our strong multidisciplinary expertise. The Research Council of Finland supports the University of Oulu in selected profile fields and flagships.

Recognitions and distinguished projects by our top scientists

We take part to a number of nationally and internationally significant research collaborations. Our distinguished top researchers are involved in Finnish Flagship collaborations, Finnish and Nordic Centers of Excellence and European Research Council projects, among others.

Other high-level research collaboration

The well-established Finnish-Japanese collaboration in ICT, particularly 6G research and development, is strengthened with our guest professorship of Akihiro Nakao, from the University of Tokyo. Professor Nakao was appointed as the first guest professor at the University of Oulu and its Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering in the autumn of 2023. Professor Nakao´s expertise includes next-generation cyber infrastructure – a key focus for the University of Oulu and the 6G Flagship programme.

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