Process Metallurgy's Research Projects

Process metallurgy research unit's research groups are:
a) Reductants and reduction metallurgy
b) Primary and secondary metallurgy
c) Recycling and sustainable metallurgical processes
d) New measurement and treatment methods in metallurgy
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Name Acronym Duration Contact person
Towards carbon-neutral steelmaking through hydrogen-reduction and application of clean steels CLEAN2STEEL
- Project info
2021-2024 Tuomas Alatarvas
Eco-friendly and sustainable method for recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries EcoLIB
- Project info
2023-2025 Mamdouh Omran
Toward Fossil-free Steel FFS
-Project info
2021-2023 Petri Sulasalmi
Minimisation of CO2 Emissions from the BF by hydrogen containing injectants and use of DRI/HBI during transition to new Ironmaking processes until 2030 H2transBF2030
-Project info
2022-2025 Mikko Iljana
Hydrogen technologies for decarbonization of industrial heating processes HyInHeat
-Project info
2023-2026 Henri Pauna
High potential inorganic side streams MIMEPRO
- Project info
2020-2022 Timo Fabritius
Reuse of slags from integrated steelmaking SLAGREUS
- Project info
2019-2023 Mamdouh Omran
Towards Carbon Neutral Metals TOCANEM
- Project info
2020-2023 Ville-Valtteri Visuri
Digital TWINs for Green HYdrogen transition in steel industry TWINGHY
-Project info
2023-2027 Ville-Valtteri Visuri