Group study facilities, workstations and quiet reading room - we have it all!

24/7 campus

The first floor group study room corridor (location, PK251-PK269) in Pegasus Library is part of the 24/7 campus for students. The space is available for the University of Oulu students round the clock. Entrance with a personal campus card from the interior street Väylä when the library is closed. Campus cards are available from the University of Oulu online shop at: Oamk students can use the space during library hours. 

The group study rooms PK253-255, PK261-PK268 and computer classrooms PK251 and PK269 are available. Note! Only University of Oulu students can reserve the group study rooms in Pegasus Library, but Oamk students can use the rooms (during library hours) when they are not reserved.


Group study areas

Pegasus Library, 2nd and 3rd floor:

Most study places have electrical outlets to facilitate the use of laptops.

All libraries provide access to a free public access wireless network (panOULU) and most libraries are also covered by the eduroam wireless network.


Group study rooms

Pegasus Library:

The group study rooms are primarily intended for use by groups of two or more students and Univeristy of Oulu students can reserve them by using O365 calendars (guide for booking). The booking is void if the charger has not arrived in 15 minutes. You can reserve a room through the O365 calendar for a maximum of three hours per day. Note! Only University of Oulu students can reserve the group study rooms in Pegasus, but Oamk students can use the rooms when they are not reserved.

Workstation software

Medical Library, 2nd floor:

The group work spaces in Medical Library are booked through Tellus Kontinkangas. Reservations are managed by Tellus Service Point Kontinkangas.

Social and Health Care Library:

There are tables suitable for group work in the library. Oamk students and staff can book the facilities in the Health and Social Care Library via their e-mail calendar. Instructions for reserving study rooms >>

  • Library Kontinkangas Paa 1341 (Researcher room 3 h)
  • Library Kontinkangas Paa 1342 (Group study room 3 (8 persons) 2 h)
  • Library Kontinkangas Paa 1343 (Group study room 4 (8 persons) 2 h)
  • Library Kontinkangas Paa 1344 (Group study room 5, AV room 2h)
  • Library Kontinkangas Paa 1346 (Group study room 2 (8 persons) 2 h)
  • Library Kontinkangas Paa 1347 (Group study room 1 (8 persons) 2 h)

The facilities are available for use by Oamk and OSAO Kontinkangas unit students every day 7:30-21:00, also on weekends. When the library is closed you have access with a separate access card, which you can get from the porters.

Oulainen Learning Centre:

There are reading places and workstations in the library. The Oulainen Learning Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8:00-19:00, closed on weekends. When the staff are not present, you have access with a separate key. Entrance to the learning centre is until 15:30.


Computer classrooms

Classroom workstations are freely available when class is not in session.

Pegasus Library, 1st floor:


Workstations and terminals

Most of the computers in the libraries require login with a staff or student account. Printing to the secure print.

There are also open terminals that don't require login in every library unit. The terminals are primarily intended for using the library catalogue Oula-Finna and have only a web browser installed. You can't use USB flash drives with the terminals. Printing is possible in the Pegasus libary.

There are e-thesis workstations in the Pegasus Library 3rd floor and Medical Library. The workstation provides access to all electronic master's and diploma theses at the University of Oulu. 

Electronic legal deposit materials are available for customer use on the legal deposit workstations on the second floor of the Pegasus Library.


Quiet reading rooms

The quiet reading rooms are designed for quiet study. Loud conversation, group work and use of mobile phones is not allowed. The quiet reading room is located in the History collection room on the 2nd floor of the Pegasus Library. Note! The quit reading room is closed due to renovation for the time being. 

There are also 15 single study rooms in the Linguistics and History collection rooms on the 2nd floor of the Pegasus Library.


Book lockers and trolleys

Pegasus Library:

For long-term storage of material there are book lockers and lockable book trolleys (check availability). These can be rented free of charge for three months at a time. All library material to be kept in the book lockers and trolleys must first be borrowed. For further information about book lockers and lockable book trolleys please contact the service desk on the ground floor of Pegasus Library.