Biodiversity Unit

The unit provides scientific and technical support for the research projects of the department and elsewhere in northern Finland, and advances international collaboration and networking.

The collections are main regional repository of biodiversity information (part of Finnish Biodiversity Info Facility). This information is broadly needed in different sectors of the society, such as biodiversity conservation or land use management. The collections are key resource in the assessment of the status and distribution of threatened species.

The collections of botanical garden are crucial in preservation of genetic resources and developing ex situ conservation. The units belong to the national network on long-term socio-economic research LTSER).

Botanical Gardens 

The main purpose of the Botanical Gardens is to provide living plant material, experimental plots and practical help for the teaching and research in the University. 

The outdoor garden with over 4000 plant species is waiting for public to explore and enjoy natures diversity as one of the northernmost botanical gardens in the world.

The iconic pyramid shaped greenhouses with thousands of exotic species houses also the University of Oulu Science Garden. 

Botanical and Zoological museum 

Zoological Museum and Botanical Museum (herbarium) are scientific collections hosting large numbers of specimens from different organismal groups.

Museum personnel advices in identification of specimens and maintains educational collections.

Zoological Museum takes in dead wild animals and provides conservation services.

The collections are available for scientific purposes. For the arrangements, please contact the personnel of the museums. 


How to thank the research infrastructure you use

The Biodiversity Unit is a research infrastructure that receives support from the University of Oulu. The operation of research infrastructures is generally assessed according to how they are referred to in publications, dissertations and other theses. All academic users are required to give due thanks in their publications to the infrastructures whose resources they have utilized in their research leading to the publication. This will help ensure that infrastructure development and operating costs are kept at a reasonable level.

Recommended thank you text:

This work/Part of the work was carried out with the support of Biodiversity Unit, University of Oulu, Finland.

Where Biodiversity Units staff have made a significant contribution to the conduct of the research, it is appropriate that they be acknowledged as co-authors of the publication. In this case, the relevant institutional affiliation should be recorded as Biodiversity Unit, University of Oulu, Finland.