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I received my Ph.D. degree in Materials engineering from the University of Oulu, 2007.  Currently, I am a senior researcher of materials engineering at the Future Manufacturing Technologies FMT group, Kerttu Saalasti Institute where I conduct research activities in the areas of additive manufacturing and laser-welding of ultra-high strength steels.

My research activities concern the development of materials with ultra-high strength by different manufacturing technologies.

Generally, my academic work experience of 20 years in materials engineering focuses on the various types of materials (Ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, Composites) through creating novel research ideas to improve the mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of the materials. My scienitifc research is motivated by a fact that materials are changing day by day.

In FMT-group, my research activities are focusing especially on steels and other metallic alloys. The research includes microstructure characterizations using powerful techniques, such as SEM-EBSD and TEM, to analyse the underlying deformation mechanisms during the mechanical loading, for instance, fatigue & fracture damage mechanisms. A special research interest is focused on bringing more of what is known in high and medium Mn (TWIP/TRIP) steels.

Effective collaboration 

As a senior researcher, I am always interested to foster mutual cooperation and the open exchange of ideas within my research group, FMT to develop their skills and to provide them with the resources necessary to deliver research of a high standard.

I have established effective collaborations inside and outside Finland to extend my knowledge of different subjects in materials engineering and maintain my research output at time. I believe that scientific collaboration may spark ideas for new projects. I always welcome contact with new collaborators If the opportunity presents itself. For instance, I have a collaborative research with RWTH Aachen University in Germany.

Before joining the FMT group, I worked at Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) in Alexandria city-Egypt as an associate professor of Physical Metallurgy at the Materials science & Engineering department.

Living in Finland 

After doing my basic bachelor’s in metallurgy and materials engineering in Egypt, I worked as a research assistant for 5 years before coming to Finland to pursue my doctoral degree in materials engineering at the University of Oulu in 2004.  I found divergences surprising to me, such as the Finnish nature is amazing, ‘land of a thousand lakes’, and the Sun is very precious when it is elusive. Currently, I am living in a very interesting town, Nivala, where the main location of the FMT group. I adapted myself to life in Nivala. I do visit the public library in the town to borrow some books to learn the Finnish language.

I use regularly social networks, Facebook and WhatsApp, to communicate with my family in Egypt, personal-to-personal communication, cooperation within the FMT teamwork, and friends everywhere. Nowadays, using social media is very necessary. I believe that social media could assist establishing and promoting businesses.

Atef Hamada Saleh, senior reseacher 



Last updated: 2.11.2020