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¡ Philosophy of History Now !

This is a blog linked to The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History at the University of Oulu.


The purpose of this blog is to create a space for discussing all matters relevant for philosophy of history and historiography. Journal articles are something not suitable for interventions, which require faster reaction. We believe that that a blog post is ideal for sharper exchanges and more colourful language, and that philosophy of history needs one venue for such exchanges. Quirky exclamation marks in the name reflect this dynamic nature of the blog.

This blog is reserved not only for scholars based at the University of Oulu. We welcome anyone and everyone to blog here. If you have a good topic, which you would like to discuss in our blog, please contact us.  A cutting-edge topic, replies to ongoing debates, literature reviews, future visions and other academic matters relevant for the philosophy of history are welcome.

We don’t normally blog about matters of the Centre for Philosophical Studies of History unless they have wider significance. Events and news will be posted separately on our website. However, I take this first opportunity to inform you about three issues that took place in 2017. Fortunately, they all are positive.

1) Journal of the Philosophy of History transferred to Oulu and is now being edited at the University of Oulu http://www.brill.com/journal-philosophy-history ;

2) A highly successful and intellectually stimulating conference was organised by The Centre for Philosophical Studies of History last October. The lectures of key note speakers are and remain online http://www.oulu.fi/centreforphilosophyofhistory/roleconfkeynotes ;

3) The research project Microhistorical Epistemology. Building the Epistemology of History through Practice was successful in a funding application organised by Eudaimonia Institute at the University of Oulu. An independent international scientific evaluation panel appointed by the Rector of the University of Oulu evaluated the applications on the basis of criteria similar to those used by the Academy of Finland. For more, see  http://www.oulu.fi/eudaimonia/node/49172

In this project, we have currently two doctoral researchers (Georg H. Gangl and Ilkka Lähteenmäki). A call for a postdoctoral position will be announced later this this year.

I wish you all Happy New Year 2018 and happy blogging in the future! Please stay tuned.


Jouni-Matti Kuukkanen


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