University of Oulu, 2016

Development of common approaches to involvement youth into science and technical sphere - BeTech!

Kolarctic CBC project KO2071 BeTech!

Project description

School development experts and education policy makers have expressed their concern that young people do not apply for studies in mathematics and science, or in other subjects where these are applied.

This is the situation in the countries of Kolarctic region, as well as in many other industrialized countries. It leads to an undesired structure of competence among the citizens: a lack of experts in natural sciences.

This project will contribute to raising motivation of schoolchildren to learn science, via work with teachers and teaching methods. It will also contribute to raising interest towards business and industrial sector, via e.g. study visits.

Main target groups:

  • Young people aged 12-16
  • School teachers
  • Community leaders
  • Enterprises representing scientific and technical sphere

BeTech! in Oulu

  • Partner schools: Oulun Normaalikoulu and Laanilan yläkoulu
  • Joint seminar: September 26th and 27th 2019

BeTech!-seminar in Alta 11.-13.2.2020

Second BeTech!-seminar takes place in Alta 11.-13.2.2020. During the seminar participants will explore for example fish herding and energy industry. On Thursday the participants will get to know the Arctic University of Norway. From Oulu there will be around 50 young people, their teachers and subject theacher students participating the seminar.

BeTech!-seminar in Oulu 26.-27.9.2019

BeTech!-seminar brought together more than hundred young peolple and their teachers from Alta, Murmansk and Oulu. During the two days the participants visited for example Nokia, Science Centre Tietomaa, Oulu Mining School and FabLab. They also participated European Researchers' Nigtht on Friday.

Project descipition at Kolarctic

Project coordinator

Municipality of Alta, Norway


Municipality of Alta (Norway)

University of Oulu (Finland)

The Arcic University of Norway

Murmansk Arctic State University (Russia)

Education, Innovation, Science and Research union "Socium+" (Russia)

Association of suppliers "Murmanshelf" (Russia)