Current projects

Taming the Coffee Ring Effect, Academy of Finland, 2016-2019

Printed intelligence infrastructure (PII), Consortium, Academy of Finland, 2019-2021,
(Painetun älykkyyden infrastruktuuri, Suomen akatemia)

Hilla WP2 Flex-in-Glass, 2017-2018

Novel digitally fabricated materials for electronics, optics and medical applications (NOVIDAM), 2018-2021
(Uudet digitaalisesti valmistettavat materiaalit elektroniikan, optiikan ja lääketieteen sovelluksiin (EAKR/PPL))

Finished projects

Metrology for Highly Parallel Manufacturing - EMPIR Projects, (EURONET, EU)

HILLA DIAMOND, 2015-2016

PrintoCent Pilot Factory (EAKR)

PrintoCent Business Development 2015-2017

Solar energy harvesting sticker (The Centre for Environment and Energy (CEE))

Fimecc Hybrids (Tekes SHOK)

Syncronized Thermography for LED

Fast optical layer thickness measurement

Fast Optical Thickness measurement

PAMS: Printed activity and motion sensors (Tekes)

Start&run: Printocent Start&run (EAKR)

PAALUTUS 2 (Tekes)



AUTOSYS: Autonomous R2R systems (Tekes)

The Center for printing of nano-to-mega photonics, electronics, and bioinformatics - FiDiPro (Academy of Finland) [Description]

OLET:Novel approaches to printed organic light emitting field effect transistors (Academy of Finland) [Description]

PrindemoPOC:PrintoCent proof-of-concepts and demonstrators  (Tekes)

OPTOOLS: Optical tools for quality controlling of printed Intelligence (investment project) (EAKR)

IDOLED: Commercialization of flexible OLEDs for RFID smart card applications (Tekes)

POLYNET: Network of excellence for exploitation of organic and large are electronics (EU)

PESEP: Printable electronics based sensor platform (Tekes)

PAINE: Research environment for printed electronics and biomaterials (EAKR)

PAINE2: Research environment for printed electronics and biomaterials -Phase 2 (EAKR)

SEGASE: New selective gas sensors based on printed semiconductor nanoparticles. (Tekes)

PRINDEMO:Demonstrators of printed electronics (Tekes EAKR)

PEOMIT: Printable electronics and optical measurement techniques (Tekes)


Last updated: 31.1.2019