Master's in Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a two-year international Master's programme that incorporates both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in data-driven analytics.

Studies combine business and technology in a unique way, and according to your study path, you can work as a business or information analyst or data engineer.

Business Analytics

Degree title

Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) or Master of Science (Technology) or Master of Science

Study places

15 or 20 per study option, 50 in total

Duration of studies

2 years


120 credits

Teaching method

On campus

Next application period

8-22 January 2025

Programme profile

Top reasons to study Business Analytics

  • Programme is provided by AACSB-accredited Oulu Business School.
  • The University of Oulu is world-renowned for its research excellence in AI, data analysis and communications technologies.
  • Learn to understand both business and technology via the unique and multidisciplinary approach of the programme.
  • Get exposed to real business analytics cases in technology-intensive realm.
  • Develop practical skills in analytics with real-life examples and hands-on training with the tools.

As we live in a world overwhelmed with information and data, we need the appropriate skills and abilities to manage and utilise these resources. The graduates of this programme will be well-equipped to confront a changing world and take on its challenges and opportunities. They will be able to use the methods and tools they have acquired in the programme in real-world business, industrial and other organisational contexts.

Students have a choice of three degree-specific study paths:

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Information Analyst.

These study paths lead to these three degrees, respectively:

  • Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration)
  • Master of Science (Technology)
  • Master of Science.

A business analyst graduate will understand data acquisition and management and demonstrate how to deploy information for business development end execution, optimisation and decision-making.

A data engineer graduate will be able to manage the gathering, organisation and mining of data. The graduate will know how to acquire and manipulate data for development, optimisation and deployment.

An information analyst graduate will understand data acquisition and management and demonstrate how to develop, deploy and make use of information systems for understanding and improving processes and organisational dynamics.

Core skills and competence

The graduates will:

  • Be experts in analytics who understand the needs of business, industrial and public organisations in regard to gathering, analysing and using digital data for decision-making, operations and development work.
  • Be able to choose and deploy the relevant analytics theories and methods and they have gained experience in using tools and environments for solving real-life analytics problems.
  • Be able to search for, gather and create research data and produce research reports based on scientific conduct in multi-disciplinary settings and different empirical contexts.
  • Have teamwork and project-based collaboration competencies, be able to solve problems for and with external stakeholders, and have good communication skills.

Programme structure and courses

You are a great fit for our programme if

  • You are a data-driven innovator with a keen business sense.
  • You possess a robust quantitative foundation, are adept with analytics tools, and have a flair for integrating business and technology insights.
  • You are research-oriented, eager to tackle real-world problems through scientific inquiry and hands-on experience.
  • You thrive in collaborative settings, bringing strong communication skills and a global mindset to the table.
  • With an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re ready to meet the demands of a data-intensive world and make a significant impact across industries. This programme is your gateway to becoming an analytics expert, ready to excel in a high-tech hub like Oulu, Finland.

Admissions criteria

Read about eligibility and admissions procedure for each degree option, detailed information available at Studyinfo.

Career opportunities

The graduates can work both as individual business analysis and development experts and act as competent members in analytics teams of small and medium-size companies, public organizations and global corporations.

Entrepreneurship is also a realistic opportunity for the graduates, based on the combined skills that they acquire in the program and the rapidly growing needs for data-driven business analytics services and solutions.

Analytics experts are in very high demand globally, and Business Analytics graduates can start building international careers, having both the scientific knowledge and the hands-on skills.

Welcome to Oulu high-tech hub

Oulu, Finland is recognised as a technology hub. The global companies operating in the city are actively recruiting new employees.