Apply to be a UniOulu Ambassador!

If you are a University of Oulu student and are interested in becoming a student ambassador, please have a closer look at what the Student Ambassador Programme is about.
A group of University of Oulu student ambassadors and staff members looking happy after finishing an online study fair.

Becoming a UniOulu Ambassador

Applications open from March until Sept 5, 2023

  • Please read the description of the programme carefully before applying.
  • Some or all applicants are invited for group interviews.
  • Interviews take place September 6 – 9, 2023.
  • Interviewees will receive an invitation by email after the application period closes.
  • Selection: Results will be announced to all applicants after the interviews by email.

Who can apply?

The UniOulu Ambassador programme is open to current Bachelor's and Master's students of the University of Oulu studying in the English-taught degree programmes, and you can apply even if you're a first year student.

We’re looking for students broadly from all programmes and different parts of the world, but especially from these English-taught programmes:

  • Architecture
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and MaterialsElectronics
  • Digitalisation, Computing and Electronics
  • Economics
  • Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science
  • Finance
  • Financial and Management Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Product and Project Management.
  • Software Engineering and Information Systems
  • Wireless Communications Engineering

Ambassador Trainings Autumn 2023

UniOulu Ambassadors will attend a training programme.

Some training sessions will be organised over the weekends and after office hours to minimize coinciding with lectures. In autumn, there are two (2) full day training sessions and shorter, task-specific online trainings. Mark the full-day trainings on your calendar already:

  • 15th September: A full day training and meeting with all student ambassadors, photoshoot, location: Hailuoto island.

  • 19th-21st September: Persuation and selling skills training for new ambassadors. Everyone chooses one (1) day when they participate.

  • Shorter, 1-2 hour-trainings are offered on tasks like social media, campus tours and study fairs.

After the sessions, you will feel confident in your role as a UniOulu Ambassador.

What does it mean to be a UniOulu Ambassador?

Student ambassadors share their experience as a student of the University of Oulu in stories, pictures, videos, live sessions and social media updates in the University of Oulu online communication. Instagram and Snapchat takeovers on the UniOulu social media accounts are essential part of the ambassadors’ tasks.

What is in it for me?

Student ambassadors will make good friends, polish communication skills and gain insight into the field of higher education communications, marketing and public affairs as a potential future career opportunity.

You will get to know your peer student ambassadors studying in the English and Finnish-taught degree programmes and grow your professional network.

There are both compensated and voluntary duties.

You will stay connected with the marketing team, team leaders and fellow ambassadors throughout the academic year

In addition to the training sessions, you will regularly meet with UniOulu Ambassador team captains and the University of Oulu applicant marketing team.

The UniOulu Ambassador Programme is coordinated by the University of Oulu Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs team.