The main events of the Conferment Ceremony will be celebrated during three days, starting from Friday and lasting until Sunday. These days will fit in several different kinds of events and countless emotional and memorable moments.

Schedule of the Conferment Ceremony

The final schedule and programme has been send to all registrated participants.

Friday 27.5.2022

At 1pm to 3pm Rehearsals, Saalastinsali Hall, University of Oulu

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony rehearsals are meant for Young and Honorary Doctors. Address: Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Oulu.
Dress code: casual, no sword nor hat needed
Time and place: at 13.00 at Saalastinsali Hall.

Please be seated in your own place in Saalastinsali by 1 pm. The seating has been send to you by mail.

At 6 pm Cocktails for Honorary Doctors, Hotel Lasaretti

Cocktail reception is only for Honorary Doctors, Rector, Conferrers of the Degrees, and Officiants

At 7 pm to 12 pm  Sword Whetting Ceremony, Hotel Lasaretti

Dress code: see Dress code: sword-whetting

Saturday 28.5.2022

Note! All Young Doctors are requested to arrive by 8.45 am to bring their hat and sword. All invited guests are requested to be seated by 11.50 am.

At 8.45 am to 11 am compulsory Rehearsals, Saalastinsali Hall, University of Oulu 

The Conferment Ceremony rehearsals are meant for Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors. Address: Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Oulu. 

At 12.00 am to 3 pm Doctoral Conferment Ceremony, Saalastinsali Hall, University of Oulu

Dress code for all Saturdays events so far: see Dress code: Conferment Ceremony
Time and place: at 8.45 in Saalastinsali Hall, bus transportation from university to the city center after the ceremony

At 3.45 pm. Procession to the Oulu Cathedral
At 4 pm to 5 pm Service (ecumenical), Oulu Cathedral
At 7 pm to 3.45 am Conferment Banquet and Ball, Foodoo Garden, Linnanmaa campus

See Conferment Ball rehearsals
Dress code: see Dress code: Conferment banquet and ball

You can have your picture taken in this event.

Sunday 29.5.2022

At 12:00 noon Sailing Trip, Maikkula Mansion

Sailing trip is meant for young doctors, honorary doctors, rector and conferment ceremony committee.

Bus transportation from Market Square to Maikkula Mansion at 11.30

Playful rowing competition on the Oulu river, live music, dancing, coffee
Dress code: casual, "student cap" or equivalent

Bus transportation from Maikkula Mansion to Market Square at 4 pm