Research to Business in University of Oulu: R2B projects

Research to Business (R2B) is a Business Finland funding instrument for commercialising research. It aims at licensing technologies and making it possible to found new start-ups.

Funding research with commercial potential

The University of Oulu has received R2B funding for 48 projects in 2012–2023. University research produces groundbreaking results, including new antibiotics, measuring, and analysing methods.  

Explore the projects found here in the University of Oulu.


Table 1. Research to Business projects in University of Oulu
Name of the project Starting year Company founded
1. Measuring system to the melting furnaces of metals (Process and Environmental Engineering) 2012 Luxmet Oy
2.  Measuring system for characterization of stone particles, RAIKU (Cemis-Oulu) 2012  
3. Software for cost accounting of companies (Oulu Business School) 2012 weVision Oy
4. Raman-spectroscopy measuring system (Electrical Engineering together with VTT and Tampere Technical University) 2012 Timegate Instruments Oy
5. Sensor related to food safety (Electrical Engineering with Åbo Academi) 2012  
6. Safe authentication to e-services, BIOID (Computer Science and Engineering) 2012  
7. System to measure metal concentration of waters, MEAN (Cemis-Oulu)  2013 Meoline Oy
8. Measuring system to detect biofilms, MAGBIO (Process and Environmental Engineering) 2014  
9. System to measure element concentrations, PREMIUM (Electrical Engineering) 2014 Sensmet Oy
10. Biosensor for measuring insulin, BIO IN (CEMIS-Oulu) 2014  
11. Method for isolation of proteins from potato waste, PI2 (Process and Environmental Engineering) 2014  
12. Service for making personal recommendations for TV programs, PCC (Computer Science and Engineering) 2014 Valossa Labs Oy
13. New business from plant-derived peptides, CHAIN (Biology) 2015  
14. Measuring brain function during intensive care, BRAINICU (Computer Science and Engineering) 2015 Cerenion Oy
15. Computer aided radiology diagnostics system, CARDS (Electrical Engineering) 2015  
16. 3D based tumor bioassays, MyoGel (Dentistry) 2015  
17. Bioethanol production optimization; versatile process analyzer, MPA (Cemis-Oulu) 2015  
18. Duraple dental composite, DCC (Dentistry) 2015  
19. Fatty Acid Analogs for treating retinal degeneration , FAR (Biology) 2016  
20. Icing condition management in wind energy production, ICEMET (Electrical Engineering) 2016  
21. Video-based analytics for team sports, MoreSport (Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis) 2016 AISpotter Oy
22. Novel non-invasive knee diagnostic device, MAKNEE (Research Unit of Medical Imaging,  Physics and Technology) 2016 Sensemodi (inmodi Oy)
23. Health components of lingonberry, PULU (Cemis-Oulu) 2016  
24. Remotely-readable rheometer with disposable probes, RHEO-DISP (Optoelectronics and Measurement Technologies) 2016  
25. A Solution for separation of oil liquids from water surfaces, OIL-FILT (Fibre and Particle Engineering) 2017  
26. Precision morphology analytics for osteoarthritis, MorphoLogic (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology) 2017  
27. Simple smart sensors, S3 (Circuits and Systems CAS) 2017  
28. ”A smart furniture” enabling the large data transfer capacity in crowdy environments, iPoint (Microelectronics) 2017 Proagro Oy
29. Knowledge-based soil moisture management (Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics) 2017  
30. Tools for oral healthcare, DentSaver (Optoelectronics and Measurement Technology, Oral Health Sciences) 2017  
31. Measurement of respiratory, MobiResp (Biosignal analysis and  PEDAGO-research unit) 2018  
32. Smart tumor biopsy, LightOpsy (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology together with Aalto University) 2018 LightOpsy (Auroptic Medical Oy)
33. Efficient production of Brazzein, a natural zero calorie sweetener, Brazzein (Protein folding-research unit) 2018  
34. Innovative solution for electric mobility, (CWC – Networks and Systems) 2018 Oy
35. Geomet rolls breakage test, GRBT (Mining School) 2018 Geopyörä Oy 
36. Lidar (optical radar) for automatic vehicle control, LIDAR (Circuits and Systems CAS) 2019  
37. FeelGood – Weight management, FeelGood (The Oulu Advanced Research on Service and Information Systems, Intestinal Medicine) 2020 Onnikka Health Oy
38. Educational game and a virtual learning environment in the project context (Industrial Engineering and Management, IEM) 2020  
39. Nanopatterned functional foil for new applications (Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit, NANOMO)  2020  
40. Multi-functional, self-sustainable sensors for smart skins, MULTISENSE (Microelectronics) 2020  
41. Wearable monitor for glymphatic system of human brain, Glymphometer (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology) 2021  
42. A gamified fatigue self-management digital health tool, More Stamina (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology) 2021  
43. Next generation optical sport sensor for wearable devices, HR-VO2 Max Sensor (Circuits and Systems CAS) 2021  
44.  Automated image quality in radiology, AIQARA (Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology) 2022  
45. Low temperature ceramics, InnoPro (Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering) 2022  
46. Wood-based and durable microparticles, MICRO-BIOD (Fibre and Particle Engineering) 2022  
47. Environmental-friendly battery materials, SoLitheBat (Optoelectronics and Measurement Techniques) 2022  
48. Industrial water cleaning, CAAMA (Sustainable Chemistry) 2023