Destinations Outside Europe

Academic Affairs coordinates exchanges with several bilateral partners, networks and programmes around the world. Starting from Autumn term 2020 onwards, there will only be one call for applications each year in November. Exchanges take place the following academic year either during the Autumn term or Spring term.

Exchange destinations

There are different exchange destinations included in each application call depending on where we can send students. This means that all destinations are not necessarily included in all calls for applications. Some of the agreements are multidisciplinary and open to all students who find suitable courses in their course catalogues. Some agreements are restricted to only one Faculty or School and only students from those Faculties or Schools can apply to those destinations.

Visit the Applying website for more detailed information about the application deadlines, destinations and application process. Information about the grants can be found from the Grants website.

If the destination or exchange programme requires a TOEFL test, only those students selected as an exchange student from the University of Oulu will take the test.

In addition, your Faculty may have own exchange destinations outside Europe. Please see the For You section below each continent’s website for more information about your Faculty/Degree Programme exchange destinations and guidelines.

Below you can find information regarding some exchange programmes.

  • ISEP: United States
  • International to International ISEP: North and South America, Asia, Ocean
  • north2north: Universities from different parts of the North; University of Oulu students can apply to destinations in North America for semester long mobility (and Nordic countries for short term mobility)