Degree certificate, transcript of records and Diploma Supplement

Student receives degree certificate, transcript of records and Diploma Supplement when graduating.

Graduating student, notice this!

Degree Certificate

From on 1.8.2022 students who graduate from University of Oulu will receive Electronic degree certificate as their official degree certificate. Student must download their official degree certificate in Peppi's Atomi service before the University account expires. Read instructions about downloading the official degree certificate here.

University of Oulu grants a degree certificate to all graduating students. The degree certificate contains the name and birthday of the student, the name of the degree, the decree on university degrees, main subject and graduation date.

In addition to the Electronic degree certificate student receives the transcript of records, Diploma Supplement and a paper copy of the degree certificate and the attachments.

From on 1.10.2022 students will not receive a paper copy of the degree certificate automatically. Students, who take part in Faculty's Graduation ceremony, will receive a paper copy of the degree certificate in University of Oulu's diploma folder. Engineering and Architecture students will receive copy of their degree certificate in TEK folder. Students who have graduated and don’t participate in the Faculty's Graduation ceremony may also get an empty diploma folder from the Academic Affairs Service Points personally, for themselves.

All the Electronic degree certificates will be saved in University of Oulu's electronic archive. Student can receive a replica of the official degree certificate in case the official degree certificate gets destroyed. The replica is chargeable.

Transcript of records

The transcript of records contains information about all the studies included in the degree.

The name, width, evaluation, and execution date of the studies are written in the transcript of records. In addition, there is information about student’s thesis and possible qualifications and other additional information.

Students can also download their transcript of records in Oma Opintopolku -service (only in Finnish).

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document accompanying a higher education diploma that provides a standardised description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies completed by its holder. The document is in English. It provides additional information to the official degrees and transcript, making it more easily understood especially by employers or institutions outside Finland.

The Diploma Supplement is produced by higher education institutions according to standards agreed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO. The Diploma Supplement is also part of the Europass framework transparency tools.

Students in the university of Oulu get the Diploma Supplement automatically and free of charge along with the official diploma. Note, that the Diploma Supplement is not a substitute for the original qualification.

More information about Diploma Supplement is available at the European Commission’s website.