Legal Protection of Students

Rules and regulations on studying and completing studies and degrees at the University of Oulu.

Rules, regulations and guidelines

Rules, regulations and guidelines are put in place in order to ensure the equal and just treatment and protection of rights for all members of the academic community.

Requests for rectification

The Board of Examiners processes requests for rectification of decisions concerning student admission, study credits, tuition fees and the accreditation of studies taken elsewhere. The Board of Examiners processes also decicions concerning reactivating study right, if the study right has began on 1.8.2005 or after. If the study right has begun before 1.8.2015, no appeals can be made for changing the decision od reactivationg the study, because the decision does not cause losing of the study right (Administrative Judical Procedure Act 5 §and 51§ ). For more information see passive register.

Applying for extension of study right