Experiencing hands-on training in cutting-edge research in an international environment

People who are in search of knowledge and hope for an impactful global future should come and explore the master's programme in Biochemistry at the University of Oulu. I am writing this blog to explain what is going on and how people enter the deep ocean of the research world through studying in this programme.
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Flexibility in choosing courses

After completing my undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Science, I decided to carry on my studies in the research world. Following my passion for research, I landed in Oulu back in 2021. The most interesting part of my first-year studies was about the independence of selecting different courses from the two most important fields of molecular life science: Protein Science and Biotechnology, as well as Molecular Medicine.

Apart from this, there was also an opportunity to choose courses from other fields and explore completely different disciplines. I think finding out what you are genuinely interested in is not always so smooth. That is why I took courses from both of these sub-disciplines and did my research work and orientation courses in different research groups.

I was intrigued mostly by the wide range of course curricula offered by both sub-disciplines, which I thought would enable me to tailor my degree based on my own interest and strength.

Efficient learning method and environment

True to speak, I was surprised about the teaching method when I started my lab work courses during the first year of my studies. I was surprised in a good way by experiencing how students get such a great opportunity to directly work with top researchers in an international environment. Unlike in my country, here the hierarchy is flat, and students can easily initiate their discussions about research with professors.

Another important aspect of studying is the feedback system, which seems to be so helpful. Students can leave their comments after completing courses and that’s how it seems to me that the teaching and learning system is going through continuous development.

I am now in the second year of my master’s degree programme and have signed up for a mentorship programme as a mentee. It will guide me to understand and follow my passion and instructions about job prospects.

An opportunity to work with diverse research groups

I worked in two different research groups as a part of my Orientation to Research course before starting my master’s thesis. I think it has helped me to understand what kind of research work is presently being conducted in research labs. It has helped me to decide on the research area I am interested in doing my master's thesis. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to gain experience in different research projects and it may widen the job field for me.

Internship at a biotech company

It seems to me that the courses that are being taught here at the university are extensively designed not only with the theoretical part but also with practical lab training. Along with this comes an opportunity for students to experience their research work orientation or a summer internship at a biotech company.

Innovation and improvement towards human disease

Modern medical science has come a long way and life science research has always been contributing to upholding this onward journey. That’s why my passion strongly resonates with studying Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the University of Oulu, as I believe that it will offer me the chance to design my career resolution along with a vast array of research experience.

About the author

Mahamuda Mow is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is now a second-year master’s student in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine. After living almost one year in Oulu, she considers it a city full of local culture and heritage as well as an internationally friendly city. She is trying to extract all the positive vibes and colours from this city and still trying to adapt to this full of energy.