Human Computer Interaction and Human-Centered Development

The research area of the Human Computer Interaction and Human-Centered Development research unit is information technology in its various forms embedded in everyday human practices.

Research themes

The major recent research themes are the following:

  • Digital transformation in various contexts, including the taxi industry
  • IT support for participatory urban design
  • Understanding and strengthening children’s participation and agency in issues concerning their life.
  • Understanding and supporting open and democratic development approaches, such as open source software development as a specific focus of study
  • ICT-enabled model of healthcare delivery, combining service thinking with modern information technology supporting people in healthy life, and healthcare ecosystems in successfull value co-creation with connected health services
  • Usability and UX research (UX Lab)
  • Understanding how girls and women make sense the IT field and their career choices, looking at experiences, interactions, and discourses that are shaping social action