Registry office and Central archive

The registry office processes and registers incoming and outgoing documents, applications for open positions and duties, and other applications.

Documents which are to be stored permanently or longer than ten years are kept in university's central archive. Personnel of the registry office offer assistance in locating documents and information. Queries about documents can be made by telephone or by e-mail .

Documents of the University of Oulu are public unless they are confidential under the Act on the openness of government activities. The publicity of documents is studied and decided upon individually.

Contact details


University of OULU

POBox 8000

90014 University of Oulu

Visiting address

Pentti Kaiteran katu 1

door P1, 2. floor


90570 OULU

Tel. +358 294 484 108

Fax +358 8 344 064


kirjaamo (at)

oulun.yliopisto (at)

university.of.oulu (at)

Opening hours

The Registry office and Central archives do not have fixed opening hours. Please send your service requests and inquires by email.

If your matter requires a visit to Registry office or Central archives, please schedule a visit by email or phone in advance.

How to deliver documents to the Registry office

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