Clean Room

Clean room is a special laboratory facility, where the level of contamination, temperature, and humidity are carefully controlled. The modern clean room and the related manufacturing devices of the CMA create an excellent research environment to carry out the research related to micro and nanotechnology.
Tutkija puhdastilassa työskentelemässä FIB-laitteistolla

Versatile Clean Room

Production micro and nanostructures requires a clean environment where all the small dust particles are removed by using effective HEPA-filters and ventilation. Also, humidity and temperature needs to be carefully controlled. Personnel working in the clean room must wear a special clean room clothing, which prevents the clean room from contaminating by the dust particles falling off from the human body.

Total area of the CMA clean room is 550 square meters. The clean room is divided into three cleanness classes based on the air purity level, covering the ISO-standard classes ISO5-ISO7. The clean room is supplied with ultrapure water, nitrogen gas, and compressed air.

The clean room is mainly used in microelectronics materials research and preparation of optical components. Several companies also utilize the facility.

Fabrication Processes and Devices

The CMA has many fabrication devices dedicated for preparation of micro-and nanostructures.
The devices can be divided into thin film deposition, photolithography, etching, laser, and other fabrication instruments. Also, the FIB-FESEM suitable for micro and nanofabrication is in the clean room.

Several instruments of the Microelectronics Research Unit are installed in the facility. These instruments include devices related to the printed electronics research and a carbon nanotube (CNT) reactor.