Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor, Automotive Powertrain Development
Advanced/Low-Carbon Automotive Powertrain Development; Hybrid/Electric Vehicles Powertrain System Design, Component Development and System Validation; Battery Thermal Management System for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Powertrain and IC Engines

Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Technology


Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari is an Associate Professor in the University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology, Department of Materials and Mechanical Engineering, Machine and Vehicle Design (MVD) research group.

His research involves development of advanced propulsion in transportation segment mainly focused on the application of Renewable/Sustainable energy resources in Low-Carbon automotive powertrains including Battery/Hybrid Electric Vehicles, advanced Low Temperature Combustion, engine exhaust Waste Heat Recovery (Organic Rankine Cycle), Electric Turbocharging/Supercharging, Thermal Management of Battery and Combustion Engine, Turbocharger Aerodynamics/Heat Transfer and Engine Downsizing For both Diesel and Gasoline engine applications.

Research interests

  • Advanced/Low-Carbon Automotive Powertrain Development
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles Powertrain System Design, Component Development and Validation
  • Thermal Management System for Electric Vehicle Drive Controller
  • Battery Thermal Management System for Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain and IC Engine (System Design, Component Development and System Validation).
  • Engine Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Modelling and Development (ORC, TEG, IBC)
  • Combustion Engine Downsizing; Turbo/Supercharged Boosted Engines Development
  • Advanced/Low Temperature Combustion Development (CAI/HCCI/PCCI/RCCI)
  • In-cylinder flow field/mixture distribution/liquid fuel measurement and visualization (LDA/LDV, PIV, PLIF)
  • Direct Injection SI Engines (GDI/DISI) Development

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+358 29 448 1621

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Office: TF317-2,
Machine and Vehicle Design (MVD),
Materials and Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Technology,
University of Oulu.

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P.O. Box 4200,