Languages, Culture and Communication Studies & International Business Communication Skills minor studies

If you are studying in Humanities, Education or Natural Sciences, you can study, complete and learn more languages than are required in your degree. You can for example complete courses in the Languages Culture and Communication package (KieKuVi-package).

If you are studying in Oulu Business School, you can complete the International Business Communication Skills minor.

You have the opportunity to collect studies from the offering of the Languages and Communication Unit in any way that best suits your unique needs. Our courses offer you opportunities to develop comprehensive language and culture skills for working life. You can continue to develop your skills and knowhow in a language which you have already studied, or you can choose new languages and start from the beginning.

If you are not a student in the Faculty of Humanities, Education and Psychology, Natural Sciences or Oulu Business School, you are still able to invest in learning languages by going abroad in a student exchange program or work practice.

Languages Culture and Communication Studies for students in Humanities, Education and Psychology, and Natural Sciences

The Language Culture and Communication studies are made up of courses of your choosing. It is recommended to begin completing these courses immediately in your first year of studies thus enabling you to achieve higher levels.

Language and communication studies which are included in the Languages Communication and Culture package (KieKuVi) are: Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Swedish, German, Finnish as a second language, Finnish and Communication. Through applying for credit transfer in Peppi, you can also include language and communication studies which you have completed in other universities. Language studies completed in a student exchange program are also included.

The number of credits which you can include in the Languages Culture and Communication package varies by faculty. Be aware that you cannot include the courses which you have included or will include in your mandatory foreign language requirement of your degree.

The service desk of your faculty will collate your studies to ensure that you have completed the required amount of courses.

The course descriptions for the courses in the Languages Culture and Communication studies can be found in Peppi and Tuudo and on our webpage.

Contact Person: Marja Pohjola-Effe