Assessment of study attainments

The criteria for the assessment of credits is defined by Education Regulations.

1 Criteria for assessment of credits

The criteria for the assessment of credits is defined by Education Regulations 17 §:

A numerical scale from 0 to 5 (in integers), or a verbal assessment with the grades pass and fail is used in the assessment of study attainments. In the assessment of doctoral and Licentiate theses, a verbal scale of excellentpass or fail may also be used. In the numerical scale, a zero grade is equivalent to a fail. The principles according to which partial attainments are combined into an overall grade are defined in curricula or other stipulations. The calculation of a grade for a study module is based on the weighted average of the credit scores. The grades for Master’s theses and diploma theses are not taken into account when calculating the average grade for advanced-level studies. The required language proficiency in Swedish and Finnish, as stated in section 6 of the Decree on University Degrees (794/2004), are assessed according to separate stipulations.

2 Evaluation of study attainments

The evaluation of study attainments is defined by Education Regulations 15 §:

The purpose of evaluating study attainments is to monitor the progress of a student’s studies and to gather information on the student’s learning process and learning outcomes. The assessment of study attainments is based on the learning outcomes and assessment criteria defined in the curricula. The numerical or verbal assessment of study attainments is made on the basis of assessment criteria. It is the task of the instructor making the evaluation to give the student information in advance on the learning outcomes, assessment criteria and how credits are awarded for a study attainment.

3 Grading Scales

In following sections, the objects of the studies (course, study module and thesis) are defined. The Finnish and ECTS grading scales are explained and other grading scales used at the University of Oulu are presented.