UniOulu Kickstart to Finnish Language and Life

Coming to the University of Oulu to study for your degree? You now have the possibility to kickstart your studies with an intensive Finnish course organised in August 2023. While learning the language, you will get to enjoy the Finnish summer, network and learn about your new home town and its surroundings. By studying the Kickstart course in August, you can enrol directly on upper-level Finnish courses when the semester starts.

What is the Kickstart?

Organised 7.8.-19.2023, the UniOulu Kickstart offers you the opportunity to begin your studies in Oulu as early as August and start learning the Finnish language intensively before starting your other courses. In this intensive program, the courses Survival Finnish and Beginners' Finnish 1 are condensed into a one-month intensive study, which would typically last an entire autumn semester. We will get to know the University of Oulu and the city of Oulu together, with many cultural events and activities taking place in August. 

Acquiring the language at a faster pace makes it easier to adapt to life in Finland. During the lessons, we will also go out of the classroom and can, for example, go to a store or bake together, thus putting our learned vocabulary to use. By studying intensively in a close-knit group, you will get to know other students more easily. Additionally, the course textbook will be provided to you at no cost, which you would have to buy yourself otherwise.

After this intensive course, you can continue to the Beginners' Finnish 2 course in September.


Registration to UniOulu Kickstart course is now open and will close on June 15, 2023. As this is a new course, there are only places for 30 students. Places will be filled in registration order - first come, first served. 

Please note that the UniOulu Kickstart course is available only to new degree students who will begin their studies in autumn 2023.

Please read the information on the registration form carefully. Note, that registrations are binding, so make sure that you will have a valid residence permit (if applicable) by August. Participants are also responsible for organising their housing. See more information in the "Practical Issues" section below.

We reserve the right to changes.

Practical Issues for Course Participants