University of Oulu Buddy Programme

At the University of Oulu, our community welcomes new international employees by connecting them with more experienced ones. Buddies - experienced employees - act as informal guides and friends to newcomers. They help you adapt to Finnish culture both at work and in your free time.

For new employees

The Buddy Programme helps international staff members, researchers and long-term visitors get settled at the University of Oulu and in Finland. Buddies will help with accommodating into the Finnish culture both in working life and free time during your first three months after arrival in Finland. We want to ease any types of confusions, feelings of loneliness and other things that come with moving into a different country or culture and starting a new job.

For buddies

Buddies are volunteers who provide informal support and guidance to new members of the university during the first three months after their arrival in Finland. The Buddies welcome newcomers to the University of Oulu and help them adapt to their new environment.

The recommended commitment is from 2 to 5 hours per month.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please reach us at

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