University of Oulu Spouse Network

Are you a spouse of an international academic or staff member working in the University of Oulu and looking for support to extend your social and professional networks? Join our supportive Spouse Network to find new friends and career-related guidance. Whether you are a newcomer or have lived in Oulu for a long time, we have something for everyone!

What is it about?

In order to make Oulu your new home, we help you to settle in socially and professionally

Relocating and living in a new country can be both an exciting and challenging experience, and there are often many practical matters to figure out, including job search, finding hobbies, and building new social networks.

Therefore, the University of Oulu has launched its own Spouse Network for the spouses and partners of our international staff and researchers. The idea of the network is to help spouses settle in Finland and tackle the challenges with a help of a supportive community. The network aids one’s professional and social aspirations, with customized programs and events.

We welcome all spouses and partners of our international staff to the University of Oulu Spouse Network!

Registration and more information

If you would like to hear more about the spouse network or discuss a possible collaboration, please contact

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