This is why you should choose Oulu

Why Oulu? Let us and our former exchange students tell you
exactly why.

Student experiences

Studying a semester or two in the University of Oulu has been an unforgettable experience for many students from all around the world! For some of them the exchange lead into applying as a degree student in Oulu.
Read comments and stories from our previous exchange students and UniOulu ambassadors:

Coming from a bustling tropical country, Oulu is the complete opposite. The abundance of greenery made me fall in love with the city at once. Though cold, the weather was a refreshing change. Being sparsely populated, Oulu is perfect for long walks that will unarguably make you come back for more.

- Lawanya, former exchange student, Singapore

We were able to face winter in a very beautiful way, which allowed me to enjoy this incredible and magical season. I never appreciated the cold before coming to Oulu, but there, I loved it. Winter is so different from my home and offers us so many beautiful things to see, such as light pillars, northern lights or simply these whitish expanses.

- Manon, former exchange student, France

My experience in Oulu was wonderful. People were responsible, kind and they respect your nationality and culture. Educational system was interesting. It was a good opportunity to know about different countries' education, culture and improve our knowledge. I really like and miss my Oulu. I decided to continue my Master degree there.

- Gohar, Former exchange student, Armenia

Why studying in Finland? I thought that’s it. That is the one thing not everyone has in his CV or can mention as an experience he or she made. That is the thing which sets you apart from others in the international competition.
- Sebastian Frey, UniOulu ambassador, Germany

Studying at the University of Oulu has helped me to further develop a scientific attitude. My courses have enhanced my ability to communicate within a team. Through discussions with fellow students, I have started to pay attention to environmental issues.

- Zhaohui Xu, UniOulu ambassador, China