Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey

Kandipalaute - The Finnish Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is a national student feedback survey that examines students’ satisfaction with their university and studying experience. The survey is founded on HowULearn-questionnaire that was developed by the University of Helsinki based on prior research on academic teaching and learning. The findings are used by institutions to improve education and learning and nationally to inform performance-based monitoring and guidance. All graduating Bachelor degree students or students with corresponding studies from universities are requested to fill out the questionnaire.

Collected personal data is used to fetch information related to person’s study right from VIRTA - higher education achievement register as background information to create a respondent ID and enable the use of electronic graduate feedback questionnaire. The collected personal data is not transferred to the questionnaire and all answers are handled confidentially and anonymized.

The responsibility for development and implementation of the questionnaire lies with Universities Finland UNIFI. The IT Center for Science CSC is in charge of the survey’s technical implementation.

Survey is emailed to students 

At the university of Oulu the students are answering the survey when they are requesting the bachelor's degree in OSAT-system. The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to answer.

In a field of Medicine or Dentistry the Bachelor’s Graduate Survey is emailed to students who have studied for four years (at the beginning of the fifth annual course). Each respondent receives a survey by email, containing a conver letter and a link to the survey.

Why is it important to answer?

The purpose of the survey is to collect information on learning, studying and teaching in different fields. The aim is to create an accurate idea of students’ study experiences. Student feedback is important for developing the quality of education, teaching and guidance as well as better working methods.

Student feedback also affects the funding of universities. Since 2015, the Ministry of Education and Culture has allotted 3% of universities’ basic funding, in total about 50 million euro, based on national student feedback.

Where you can find the results?

The statistics are available at the statistics services of the educational administration.

At the university of Oulu the results of the Kandipalaute survey have been published in the intranet Patio. The 2019 reports will be completed in March 2020.

Further information

For more information, contact kandipalaute (at) or Tytti Tenhula in Academic Affairs. See more information in privacy policy. Additional information is also available on Intranet Notio.

Last updated: 29.4.2020