University of Oulu provides electronic examination with flexible hours in camera supervised environment. Read carefully the Exam instructions before taking the exam, breaking the rules triggers suspicion of cheating and launches inspection.

  1. Verify from your teacher that the exam can be completed as electronic exam in the Exam-system.
  2. Register for the exam in the Exam-system. In a personal exam, teacher has already joined you for the exam, so the registration is already done.
  3. Book an exam time and place in the Examinarium (computer in the exam room) in the Exam-system. Reservations can be made 30 days ahead. You will get confirmation email about the booking.
  4. Complete the exam in the Examinarium through the Exam-system.
  5. Teacher will evaluate the exam in the Exam-system and save the grade.
  6. You will be informed of the grade via email and through the system.
  7. The grade is in WebOodi and in Tuudo.

Log in


Computer in Examinarium

Browser recommendation

https://exam.oulu.fi - log in with your university account

General username and password are next to the computer

Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Things allowed in Examinarium


    • student card or photo identity card (compulsory)
    • the locker key
    • only on Monday exams (in Linnanmaa campus): writing tools (pencil and eraser)


    • jacket or bags
    • phone
    • smart watch
    • calculator, not even with your teachers permission
    • dictionary
    • books
    • pens
    • paper
    • snacks or even a water bottle
    • talking in the Examinarium
    • leaving the Examinarium mid exam

    Please note, that toilet breaks are not allowed in electronic examination.


    When taking the exam outside office hours, you need a 24/7-campus card to get into the building.


    Examinarium (TL102), Fysiikankatu

    Campus map

    TUE-FRI at 8 am-8 pm

    (special arrangements until 9 pm)

    SAT at 8 am-5 pm

    MON at 8 am-8 pm only exams that are answered on paper

    (i.e. mathematics, counting and japanese). No other exams are allowed on Mondays.


    Examinarium (H1090), Aapistie 3

    Campus map

    MON-FRI at 8 am-8 pm (special arrangements until 9 p.m.)

    SAT at 8 am-5 pm




    Examinarium opening hours

    • Examination always begins on the hour at 8 am, 11  am, 2  pm and 5 pm. Time to take the exam is always 2 hours 55 minutes (175 min). A student can leave the Examinarium 30 minutes from the beginning of the exam at the earliest.

    • Time periods for taking the exams are 8-11 am, 11 am-2 pm, 2-5 pm and 5-8 pm (5-9 pm only for students with special arrangements for examination).

    • There are electronic locks on e-exam room doors. The doors will be open 5 minutes prior to beginning of the exam and 30 minutes after the exam has began, for example between 7.55-8.30.

    • Examinariums are closed 21.12.2019-1.1.2020.

    There are no exams in Examinarium the are done only by paper

    In Linnanmaa Examinarium Mondays are reserved for exams that you can't do by computer (i.e. mathematics, counting and japanese). Even then the questions are in the exam-system.

    Maintenance break

    There is a maintenance break in Exam system on every month´s 1st Monday. Exam rooms are closed between 8-11 am during the maintenance break.

    Examinariums are closed during midweek holidays.


    How to register for an e-exam.

    How to operate in the Examinarium.

    University of Oulus' instructions

    EXAM Guide for students

    Please note that these instructions go to national Wiki. There might be some university specific instructions.

    By using the e-exam service a student undertakes to abide by the conditions of use, rules and possible special terms that the teacher has defined for the exam. A student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examination systems in order to confirm identity. The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time and recording video surveillance (video and audio). Obeying the rules is confirmed by surveillance, random tests and through personal identification.

    1.There is no technical support available during exams. Exams are done at one's own risk.

    2. Electronic examinations comply with University of Oulu Education RegulationsAssessment and examination of study attainments at the University of Oulu guidelines and student´s information security guidelines.

    3. The student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examinations systems in order to confirm identity.

    4. The rules of information technology service use apply in electronic examinations. 

    5. Data protection notice for University of Oulu.

    Exams with 4 hours are only for students who need special arrangements for examination. In such case a recommendation by the accessibility contact person is needed and an examiner creates a personal exam for a student. Time period for taking the 4 hour exams is between 5 pm - 9 pm from Monday to Friday.

    Student needs to have a certificate for special arrangements for examination. Four hour exams are always done as personal exams.

    For other speacial arrangements, i.e. taking asthma medicine to the Examinarium, please contact technical support before making reservations.

    Exam visit means when you complete your own univerities course exam in another universitys Exam-room. Exam visit is piloted at the University of Oulu at the moment. Before making an exam reservation to the other university, remember to check their opening hours, instruction on how to get into the examroom and other university specific intstructions. You also need to make sure, that the universitys exam-computers have the programs you need to complete the exam. When you take the exam at another university, you follow the exam rules and guidelines of that certain institution, so read them carefully in advance. Universities that have enabled the exam visit can be found from the Exam webpage.

    If you want to pilot exam visit during autumn 2019, please contact system support first. More specific instructions will be added to Students instructions as the pilot proceeds.

    Completing an exam visit at University of Oulu is piloted during the autumn 2019, after which necessary measures will be taken. Decision will be annouced on this page as soon as they are current.


    Problems during the exam

    If any technical problems prevent you from finishing your exam, abort the exam, leave Examinarium and fill in Form to Report Exam Interruption immediately. In case of an emergency there are instructions and an alarm button inside the e-exam room.

    Support requests

    If you have any questions, please contact your Faculty Study Affairs. In technical support, please contact e-exam(at)oulu.fi


    Last updated: 18.10.2019