RIMMI – Research in moisture measurement instruments

Organizer: University of Oulu, Kajaani University Consortium, CEMIS-Oulu

Time: 1.1.2014–31.05.2016

Funding: 233 600 € (EMRP-REG)

The aim: Laboratorial moisture measurement instruments, which are based on new technologies (NMR, microwaves and X-ray), are studied in the project and every instrument is compared with a traditional standard (oven drying method) and a new moisture measurement method of MIKES. Performances of gadgets are studied with variable materials but the focus is on forestry biomass. The research finds out X-factors of oven drying and how new instruments work in these situations or if they work better than oven drying. Besides, reproducibility of new instruments is tested and the effect of environmental factors is also found out. Finally, SI traceabilities of new instruments can be done together with the mother project.

Contact information: Petri Österberg, petri.osterberg(at)measurepolis.fi

Last updated: 17.11.2014