M3S - Software Engineering Research Unit

We are hiring University Lecturer, University Teacher and three (3) Tenure Track Assistant Professors .
More info in our Open Positions page. 

Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services (M3S) is the largest software engineering research unit in Finland. The group carries out research at high international level and publishes widely in the top software engineering journals and conferences. M3S has very strong industry collaboration and a proven track record in making a high impact in industry.  The group has a versatile portfolio of externally funded projects including Horizon 2020, ITEA, Academy of Finland, and Business Finland (former Tekes). The unit is producing a large number of PhD degrees.



Open Positions

  • University Lecturer, Software Engineering - Deadline April 16th
  • University Teacher, Software Engineering - Deadline April 16th
  • Tenure Track Assistant Professor (three positions), Software Engineering - Deadline April 15th
  • Continuous call for researchers at all levels