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Good for cattle EIP-AGRI project is a joint project of two earlier established EIP-AGRI Operational Groups Smartfeed and Digibale. It aims to develop new Finnish innovations as well as to disseminate them across Europe and utilize international cooperation in piloting and disseminating innovations directly to farms. In addition, the project cooperates with Estonian EIP-AGRI Operational Group, coordinated by Estonian Dairy Cluster. The group is implementing EIP-AGRI actions in MAVAS and beefEST projects.

More information on earlier EIP-AGRI Operational Groups:
Smart Feed

What is an EIP-AGRI Operational Group?

EIP-AGRI Operational Groups bring together multiple actors such as farmers, researchers, advisers, businesses etc. to tackle the needs in the agricultural and forestry sectors. EIP-AGRI projects are completely public and they have an obligation to disseminate project results throughout Europe.

EIP-AGRI network gathers up the agricultural innovation actions in Europe. For more information:



Last updated: 13.1.2021