RDI Services

  • Expert services of optical measurement
  • Expert services of image-based measurement
  • Research of electrochemical and optical sensors
  • Cell cultures and microbial research
  • Food research and biomass processing
  • Bioenergy
  • Paper and pulp research
  • Environmental measurement research
  • Project services
  • Data systems and wireless sensor networks
  • Development and testing of measurement, control and machine vision systems (mechanics, electronics, software)
  • Fine-mechanical machine shop services



Laboratory analyses and measurements

  • Food analytics, including phenol compounds, fatty acids, proteins
  • Microbial analytics (total amounts of bacteria: alive/dead)
  • Pulp and paper tests
  • Viscosity, dry content, ash, pH, conductivity, solid content, charges
  • Air permeability, roughness
  • Metal assays AAS, Refractive index, pH, conductivity, CODMn, KmnO4
  • Viscosity measurement
  • Moisture measurement
  • Ash measurement
  • Chromatography methods (HPLC-DAD/MSD/FD, GC-FID/MSD)
  • Ion analytics (CE), including sulphate, chloride, ammonium
  • Gravimetric methods
  • Flow cytometer measurements
  • Light and fluorescence microscopy
  • Fluorometric and spectrophotometric measurements (UV/VIS – MIR – NIR)
  • Sample processing by different laboratorial techniques 


Last updated: 6.6.2019