Dissertations 2020

MRC Oulu dissertations 2020



Kajabi Abdul Wahed: Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of articular cartilage and meniscus during osteoarthritis progression : experimental and clinical feasibility of novel MRI methods

Khashana Abdelmoneim: Cortisol and other adrenal steroids in critical neonatal disease associated with shock



Holmström Lauri: Sudden death due to non-ischemic myocardial diseases - genetics and electocardiographic characteristics



Mutt Shivaprakash Jagalur: Vitamin D and metabolic health : effects on molecular pathways of adipocyte inflammation and insulin resistance

Korpela Nelli: Determinants of cardiovascular autonomic regulation and cardiac structure in a middle-aged population : influence of early growth related factors and life course physical activity

Yu Jia: Effects of loading, estrogen level, and aging on rat mandibular condylar cartilage

Saarinen Aino: Is psychosis risk associated with structural and fuctional abnormalities in the brain?



Haque Sanaul: Persuasive mHealth behavioural change interventions to promote healthy lifestyle

Elkhwanky Mahmoud Sobhy: Regulation of vitamin D metabolism by metabolis state in mice and humans : discovery of molecular factors repressing vitamin D bioactivation and inducing deficiency in diabetes

Qian Cheng: Complications after primary intracerebral hemorrhage

Similä Toni: Tooth loss among middle-aged adults in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 - associations with tobacco smoking and diabetes

Korpi Riikka: Nanoparticles as magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents - feasibility studies on cell labelling, acute myocardial infarct imaging and articular cartilage imaging

Korhonen Linda: Pediatric forearm fractures with special reference to operatively treated shaft fractures and ulnar styloid process nonunion

Prusila Roosa: Clinical studies in adult lymphomas with special emphasis on late effects of treatments

Heikkala Eveliina: Co-occurrence of unhealthy behaviours and psychosocial problems among adolescents, with special reference to low back and multisite musculoskeletal pains during adolescene and labour market exclusion in early adulthood

Tonttila Panu: Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging for the detection and characterisation of prostate cancer



Tölli Marja: Identification and characterization of small molecule modulators of cardiac hypertrophy

Julku Johanna: Early and later timed cervical headgear treatment : a randomized controlled trial

Kilpiö Teemu: Circulating factors in regulation of cardiac function and stress response

Kari Esa: Clinical impact of antioxidant enzymes Prx6 and Trx and their regulators Nrf1 and Nrf2 in diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma

Juujärvi Sanna: Paracetamol in neonatal intensive care: acute and long-term effects

Nayebzadeh Naemeh: Novel genetic causes of severe neurological and multi-organ disorders in children

Ahonen-Siirtola Mirella: Surgical treatment of incisional ventral hernia : with a special reference to laparoscopic techniques

Tiulpin Aleksei: Deep learning for knee osteoarthritis diagnosis and progression prediction from plain radiographs and clinical data

Laatikainen Outi: Medication-related adverse events in health care



Männistö Merja: Hoitotyön opiskelijoiden yhteisöllinen oppiminen ja sosiaali- ja terveysalan opettajien osaaminen digitaalisessa oppimisympäristössä

Immonen Milla: Risk factors for falls and technologies for fall risk assessment in older adults



Iivanainen Sanna: Real-world perspectives on cancer patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies

Helminen Heli: Nutritional aspects in perioperative care



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