Dissertations 2017

Autio, Timo: Development and diagnostics of bacterial acute rhinosinusitis in young adults

Lepojärvi, Sannamari: Normal variation of the tibiotalar joint in dynamic computed tomography

Siponen, Maria: Oral lichen planus - etiopathogenesis and management

Arvola, Oiva: Remote ischemic precondition before hypothermic circulatory arrest in a porcine model: A special reference to oxidative stress

Uimari, Outi: Epidemiological and familial risk factors of uterine leiomyoma development

Suorsa, Anna (Eudaimonia, MRC Oulu): Interaction for knowledge creation: a phenomenological study in Knowledge Management

Försti, Anna-Kaisa: Incidence, mortality, comorbidities, and treatment of bullous pemphigoid in Finland

Pasanen, Ilkka: Stromal cells of mesenchymal origin in breast cancer

Tauriainen, Tuomas: Complications associated with preoperative anemia, perioperative bleeding and blood transfusions after isolated coronary artery bypass grafting

Aarnivala, Henri: Deformational plagiocephaly: prevalence, quantification and prevention of acquired cranial asymmetry in infants

Kunnari, Marika: Aikuisväestön hyvinvointiin liittyvät huolet ja hyvinvoinnin heikentäjät, Concerns and reducers of well-being among adults

Jämsä, Joel: Flow cytometric analysis of leukocyte surface molecule expression in critical illness: comparison between septic and non-septic patients

Mikkonen, Kristina: Clinical learning environment and mentoring of culturally and linguistically diverse nursing students

Kytövuori, Laura: Genetic causes and risk factors associated with phenotypes occurring in mitochondrial disorders

Lemma, Siria: Migration and adhesion associated molecules in lymphoma biology and their potential roles as biomarkers

Herajärvi, Johanna: Remote ischemic preconditioning in aortic surgery. Experimental studies with a porcine model

Heikkinen, Juuso: Recovery of calf muscle isokinetic strength after acute Achilles tendon rupture

Suhonen, Noora-Maria: Cognitive and behavioral characteristics of frontotemporal lobar degeneration

Oura, Petteri: Search for lifetime determinants of midlife vertebral size: emphasis on lifetime physical activity and early-life physical growth

Mäkinen, Johanna: Lung adenocarcinoma - histopathological features and their association with patient outcome

Männikkö, Niko: Problematic gaming behavior among adolescents and young adults: relationship between gaming behavior and health

Vihanninjoki, Kyösti: The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph in the diagnosis of glaucoma

Lavander, Päivi: Division of labour between practical nurses and registered nurses in a university hospital

Männistö, Jaana: The effects of termination of pregnancy on future reproduction

Kortekangas, Tero: The Non-operative treatment of Weber B -type ankle fractures and the clinical relevance and treatment of syndesmosis injury

Hulkko (née Husa), Anja: The association of lifetime antipsychotic and other psychiatric medications with cognition in schizophrenia. The Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 Study

Salokorpi, Niina: Treatment of craniosynostoses

Ramsay, Hugh: Predictors of psychosis risk and neurocognitive deficits

Similä, Heidi (Infotech Oulu, MRC Oulu): Assessing fall risk of older adults using accelerometry-based methods

Kuitunen Hanne: DLBCL, Primary and secondary central nervous system involvement, treatment and prophylaxis

Mikkola, Reija: Determinants and clinical implications of bleeding related to coronary artery bypass surgery

Käräjämäki, Aki: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) - perspectives to etiology, complications and lipid metabolism

Ryti, Niilo: On Health Effects of Cold Spells with a Special Reference to Sudden Cardiac Death

Filatova, Svetlana: Incidence of schizophrenia and associations of schizophrenia and schizotypy with early motor developmental milestones


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