Kyngäs Helvi

Adherence to self-care and healthy life-style


Research unit: Nursing Science and Health Management


Group leader

Professor Helvi Kyngäs, PhD

Head of Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management, University of Oulu

Part-time Nursing Chief Officer, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital Disctrict


What do we do

In my research group we study effectiveness of technology based counselling intervention for chronically ill and overweight people and peoples adherence of care or healthy lifestyle, also evaluate of effectiveness of case management.

Research focuses are:

  • Factors, which predict good adherence with health regimens
  • Adherence of self-care and healthy lifestyle
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of self-care intervention (technology based and others)
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of counselling and case management intervention
  • Methodological issues (e.g. theory development – to create knowledge of nursing science, instrument developing and testing, content analysis)

Significance of my research: Overweight, obesity and chronic diseases have increased among working-age population as well as elderly people causing public health problems and economical problems. Non adherence with healthy life-style and self-care increase obesity, chronic diseases and use of health care services and causes costs of health care. Adherence of healthy life-style is a key element to achieve outcomes of the care and that is why effective counseling is needed. The aim is to explore effects of health promotive counseling and environment to patients’ adherence to the treatment and healthy lifestyles. In Nursing Science internationally I am on of key person to develop and test nursing theories, instruments and methods. That is important part of my research.


Our team

Post doc researchers

  • Kaakinen Pirjo
  • Kajula Outi
  • Kähkönen Outi
  • Oikarinen Anne
  • Ruotsalainen Heidi

PhD students

  • Kivelä Kirsi
  • Konttila Jenni
  • Murtovaara Tiina-Mari
  • Nevakivi Sari
  • Siira Heidi
  • Vanhanen Minna


Where are we headed

To develop and test technology based effective counselling interventions to improve patients’ and overweight and obese people’s adherence with health regimens. Also, an important future goal is to test adherence with health regimens theory in different patients group and people who are overweight or obese. The methodology paper of content analysis has now more than 9000 references and aim is to develop that methodology further.


Our main collaborators

Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District and especially University Hospital of Oulu
University of Eastern Finland, Department of Nursing Science
University College of Health Sciences, Gradec Slovenia
Osaka University, Unit of Health Sciences, Nursing, Japan


How to find us

Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management
Tel: 050 4530121

Last updated: 9.7.2019