Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) refers to transferring credits through previously acquired skills and competencies. These competencies may have been acquired through formal studies or a variety of non-formal and informal means, including life and work experience. RPL is part of study planning and preparation of a personal study plan (PSP). At the Oulu Mining School, the PSP process is supervised by teacher tutors and study counselors.

How do I apply for a recognition of prior learning?

Students send their application through Student's e-Services OSAT-system. You can login to OSAT-system in address: with university user account. Only PDF-format (file extension .pdf) application attachments are accepted. Note! The system is under construction, therefore problems in the system should be reported to helpdesk. Please, take a screen shot if possible. Helpdesk: osat(at)

Required attachments for RPL-application are (pdf):

  1. Approved PSP in pdf-format (if you could not choose the substituted course directly from the electronic PSP).
  2. Documentation of education (such as certified copies of certificates and transcripts of records; pdf-copies of the original). Titles of programmes/courses must be provided in English.
  3. Course descriptions, containing information on course content, learning outcomes, learning methods, literature and credits. If a description is not available in Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant must provide one in English.
  4. Applicants with a completed earlier degree must attach a copy of the Diploma or Certificate (pdf-copies of the original) and, at least, the title of the degree earned in English (contained, for example, in the Diploma Supplement). If the degree certificate is not available in Finnish, Swedish or English, the applicant must provide a translation in English.
  5. Other relevant documentation to establish equivalent learning (e.g. employment certificate).

More information on the RPL process can be found in the university website through the link

Last updated: 11.6.2018