Thesis defense

29.1.2021 Thesis

Sari Lukkari

Research Unit of Clinical Neuroscience
29.1.2021 Thesis

Sanna Eteläinen

22.1.2021 Thesis

Robin Sokol

Research Unit for Languages and Literature
15.1.2021 Thesis

Marjukka Nurkkala

Center for Life Course Health Research
15.1.2021 Thesis

Nelli Roininen

Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy
18.12.2020 Thesis

Arjaleena Ilo

Medical Research Center Oulu
18.12.2020 Thesis

Daniel Pakkala

18.12.2020 Thesis

Markku Viitasaari

Doctoral degree program of Faculty of Education
16.12.2020 Thesis

Tanesh Kumar

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC)
11.12.2020 Thesis

Hany Ferdinando

11.12.2020 Thesis

Roope Parviainen

11.12.2020 Thesis

Nacer Boudjemia

Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit
11.12.2020 Thesis

Fazeh Moafi

Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
11.12.2020 Thesis

Jenni Konttila

Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health management
11.12.2020 Thesis

Mikael Juntunen

Research unit of medical imaging, physics and technology
11.12.2020 Thesis

Ravindra Daddali

PEDEGO Research Unit, MRC Oului
11.12.2020 Thesis

Manar Elmadani

Research Unit of Biomedicine
10.12.2020 Thesis

Asif M. Ruman

Department of accounting, economics and finance
9.12.2020 Thesis

Marika Matengu

Education, diversity, globalization and ethics
8.12.2020 Thesis

Marko Leinonen

Radio technology
4.12.2020 Thesis

Olli Apilo

Centre for Wireless Communications - Networks and Systems
4.12.2020 Thesis

Olli Korhonen

Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services (M3S)
4.12.2020 Thesis

Janne Mustaniemi

Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS)
4.12.2020 Thesis

Antti Kemppainen

ECM and hypoxia