Thesis defense

28.6.2019 Thesis

Sami Laine

Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit
26.6.2019 Thesis

Shahriar Shahabuddin

Centre for Wireless Communication, Radio Technology
19.6.2019 Thesis

Jenni Kallunki

Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance
14.6.2019 Thesis

Kati Parkkinen

Industrial engineering and management
14.6.2019 Thesis

Muhammad Asadullah Javed

NMR Research Unit
14.6.2019 Thesis

Sandra Lynn Hänninen

14.6.2019 Thesis

Otto Väyrynen

Cancer and Translational Medicine Research Unit
13.6.2019 Thesis

Kien-Giang Nguyen

Centre for Wireless Communications - Radio Technologies
7.6.2019 Thesis

Tommi Korhonen

Research Unit of Clinical Neuroscience
7.6.2019 Thesis

Paskaran Brahman

Department of Marketing, Management and International Business
7.6.2019 Thesis

Vasiliki Mylonopoulou

Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services (M3S)
7.6.2019 Thesis

Meri-Maija Ollila

PEDEGO Research Unit
29.5.2019 Thesis

Raman Devarajan

Conserved Collagens in Cell–Matrix Homeostasis
29.5.2019 Thesis

Päivi Jussila

Research Unit of Oral Health Sciences
29.5.2019 Thesis

Tiina Taka-Eilola

Research Unit of Clinical Neuroscience
27.5.2019 Thesis

Aku Visuri

Ubiquitous Computing
24.5.2019 Thesis

Antti Kotiaho

Research unit of medical imaging, physics and technology
24.5.2019 Thesis

Tuulikki Karvinen

Machine Design
24.5.2019 Thesis

Antti Alakärppä

Otorhinolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery/PEDEGO
24.5.2019 Thesis

Eeva Sliz

Center for Life Course Health Research
24.5.2019 Thesis

Jenni Määttä

Hypoxia response
22.5.2019 Thesis

Sunday Olaleye

Marketing, Management and International Business
13.5.2019 Thesis

Kien Vu

Centre for Wireless Communications
10.5.2019 Thesis

Jonna Komulainen-Ebrahim