Antti Litmanen

Antti Litmanen


Doctoral Candidate
English Philology


My research interests lie at the point where world literature and Western esotericism meet. I am especially interested in the concept of ‘perichoresis’, the experience of unseen worlds impinging on ours, as represented in primarily British supernatural fiction. Despite associations with low culture, many authors used their writing as a vehicle for transmitting fully developed worldviews resulting from intense and extended contemplation, experiential enquiry, and inquiry into global philosophic traditions.

Research interests

  • Supernatural literature and weird fiction
  • Western esotericism
  • Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen, Kenneth Grant
  • Fin de siècle literary and artistic movements

Conference presentations

  • Esoteric Crossroads Conference 2017, Capri, Italy. Paper presentation, "British Weird Fiction and the Experience of Other Worlds".