Anu Tuomela


PhD student

Research interests

  • Higher education
  • Teaching and learning
  • Experiental and reflective learning
  • Design-based research
  • Optical spectroscopy, luminescence in solid materials


I work as a PhD student in Nano and molecular systems research unit, in the group of Physics didactics. Teacher-centred lecturing, as one of the most common teaching methods at universities worldwide, do not enhance learning as should. The aim of my PhD study is to develop physics education through design-based research.

In the first partial study of the PhD work we have investigated the requirements for a high quality physics education from a teacher’s perspective. The results of the study show various requirements and most of them are seen difficult and even impossible to implement in traditional teacher-centred lecturing. DBR is necessary from both practical and theoretical perspective.

In addition to research interests considering education, teaching and learning, I am also interested in topics related to luminescence in solid materials. During my career I have investigated luminescence properties of solid materials by using synchrotron radiation.



Tuomela, A., Pankratov, V., Sarakovskis, A., Doke, G., Grinberga, L., Vielhauer, S., & Huttula, M. (2016). Oxygen influence on luminescence properties of rare-earth doped NaLaF4. Journal of Luminescence, 179, 16-20.


A. Tuomela. Luennoitsijan kokemus luennoista. The annual conference of physics and mathematics students FysikerFest, Oulu. 9.-11.11.2018. Speech (invited speaker).

A. Tuomela. Uudenlaisia opetusmenetelmiä yliopistoon – vaikutukset oppimiseen? Dinner of the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund, Oulu, Finland (2.11.2016). Speech

A. Tuomela, A. Ervasti, K. Kyllönen. OuLUMA Science Clubs – A fun after school activity for primary school students, Physics Days 2016, Oulu, Finland (29-31.3.2016). Poster presentation.

W. Cao, V. Pankratov, M. Huttula, X. Shi, S. Saukko, Z. Huang, M. Zhang. Gold nanoparticles on MoS2 layered crystal flakes. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 158 89 (2015). Personal acknowledgements.

A. Tuomela, A. Ervasti, K. Kyllönen. Luonnontieteellistä kokeellisuutta ja tutkimista alakouluikäisille OuLUMA-tiedekerhoissa, Peda-päivät, Oulu, Finland (27-28.11.2015). Workshop.

A. Tuomela. VUV Luminescence properties of Rare-earth Doped Sodium Lanthanum Fluoride. Master’s Thesis, 2015.

Professional and community activities

  • Vice-chair: Finnish Young Minds (Suomen fysiikan nuoret tutkijat)

Research groups

  • PhD student, Nano- ja molekyylisysteemien tutkimusyksikkö